Students should be able to choose

To the Editor:

This should be a great year for education. Obama, Dayton and the ECM Editorial Board have all made education their top priority for 2013.

Obama and Dayton want to raise taxes to provide more funding for early childhood education. I recently heard about a study showing those gains from early childhood education disappear after two or three years. I would hope the ECM Editorial Board could influence educators and politicians enough to cause just one person who cares about education to look into this report and confirm or deny the conclusions.

What mistakes were made in the states studied, and how will Minnesota do it better? Don’t we at least owe taxpayers that? Conversely, why can’t every student in Minnesota choose to be taught by the best teachers in Minnesota.

Students are taking college courses by computer/TV here in Little Falls. The infrastructure is here, the cost should be minimal. I would hope that the ECM Editorial Board could make this one of their goals for 2013, or explain why not. if the cost is minimal, why shouldn’t every student be provided the choice of the best teachers in Minnesota.

Don’t we owe at least that much to our students.


Thomas E. Paulson

Little Falls, MN