Senator Miller does one thing and says another

To the Editor:

We already know from Wisconsin that frac sand mining will turn our rural communities into industrial wastelands. We will be left with nothing but destroyed roads, polluted water and air. Profit will go into the pockets of outside investors.

I was angry when Senator Miller spoke against protection for our trout streams. It was unbelievable that our senator from Southeast Minnesota cast the vote that killed these provisions. He never offered a counter proposal. He just killed the common sense legislation that Senator Schmit proposed to keep mining away from trout streams. Experts from the DNR and Trout Unlimited supported Senator Schmit on these issues.

This is an important issue facing our communities – a place Miller is supposed to be representing. He let us down. Senator Schmit got some good provisions passed. These provisions will make a difference if state agencies implement new laws effectively.

Senator Miller claims that, “We worked together to create a reasonable bipartisan approach…” The fact is that Senator Miller’s work was to push for the frac sand industry and vote against his constituents. Now, Miller stands up and wants to take credit for someone else’s work. We are not fooled.


Barb Nelson

Lewiston, Minn.