Keeping Houston County citizens informed and involved

To the Editor:

In my effort to keep Houston County citizens informed the following is information you, as taxpayers, need to know.

Since 2005 Houston County taxpayers have seen a tax increase of 79.31% ($4,632,779). This is nearly a 10 percent tax increase every year for the past eight years. There are several reasons for the tax increase but two major reasons would include the building and operation of the new Justice Center.

The original cost of the Justice Center was right around the $17 million dollar mark plus the cost of daily operation. The second major reason would be the salary increases for county employees since 2005. Salaries have increased 51.26 percent ($3,523,377) for an average of 6.4 percent per year over the last eight years.

My position of a hard line approach to control spending and cut budgets hasn’t changed. Now that you have seen the numbers you can understand my position.


Justin Zmyewski

Houston County Commissioner District 2, MN