Spending other people’s money is nice until it runs out

To the Editor:

After reading a recent letter in the Argus by Ken Tschumper, I found myself upset but yet unsurprised. His left-leaning views are in line with all of the problems facing this country. It is his divisive rhetoric that we hear all too often from the left.

The reason folks in this area continue to vote conservative is because I believe the folks in this area still have morals, a sense of community and a good grip on what this country was founded on.

We don’t need a bigger government. We need smart fiscal policy that starts with only spending what you take in. The only thing that was accomplished by the super majority of Democrats at the capital was more taxes and more spending.

Farmers will now pay a sales tax on labor to fix their machinery. Daycare centers are forced to unionize driving costs up on families that are already struggling to make ends meet. Energy prices are skyrocketing. Medical care is on the rise and will only get worse with the Affordable Care Act.

It is divisive rhetoric, back room deals and inability to work across the aisle that has this great country in a mess. It sounds to me like Ken is asking for more of it. Spending other people’s money is nice until other people’s money runs out.


Matt Klug

Caledonia, MN