So… Metro liberals know what’s best for us?

To the Editor:

This is a response to Ken Tschumper’s letter to the editor published on June 12, 2013.

Our former liberal legislator Ken Tschumper is at it again making despicable accusations that are simply not true. Apparently, he believes our current conservative Republican legislators have nothing good to offer the people of Houston, Fillmore and Winona counties. Mr. Tschumper forgot to mention in his letter the wonderful section of Winona County in District 28 that State Senator Jeremy Miller represents. Mr. Tschumper also fantasized on how wonderful it would be if the Democrats had complete control all the time.  If the Democrats always had complete control the exodus of Minnesota businesses and jobs would be even more extreme than it already is.

Representative Greg Davids and State Senator Jeremy Miller are always listening intently and working together with the people of greater Minnesota, fighting to reduce wasteful government spending, focusing on creating jobs here in Minnesota, maintaining and improving a successful education system and fighting to restore the right to life of Minnesotans yet unborn, as well as defending the constitutional rights of their current constituents and fellow American citizens.

Davids and Miller understand the values of greater Minnesota, and they both make sure that the people’s voice is heard in St. Paul. This is the representation that the majority of the voters in Houston, Fillmore and Winona counties need, deserve and voted for. We would not be doing ourselves a favor if we stopped voting Republican and conservative. We tried former legislators Ken Tschumper for two years and Sharon Ropes for four years in 2006, and they both simply misrepresented the people of greater Minnesota by joining the suburban Democrats in the Twin Cities on most issues. For the most part they never met a tax increase they could not fall deeply in love with.

Mr. Tschumper only mentioned in his letter a few of the Democratic majority’s initiatives. He forgot to mention that the Democratic majority raised Minnesota taxes by $2 billion, passed an unpopular same sex marriage legalization bill, passed a Childcare Unionization bill – even though the majority of daycare providers in the state oppose unionization – and at the last minute they slipped a provision into the tax bill spending $90 million of our money on a new senate office building and parking garage.

Since we are required to send a sizable chunk of our hard-earned dollars to St. Paul, we expect them to be spent responsibly; a new unbudgeted $90 million office building doesn’t pass the test and neither do many of their other initiatives, both those passed and not passed.

The consequence of skyrocketing taxes will be to further squeeze business  and family budgets and cause businesses and families to consider moving out of Minnesota. Most of the current majority’s initiatives are not benefiting the people of Houston, Fillmore and Winona counties and/or Minnesota in general.

A great example is their insistence on marching lockstep with President Obama and the liberals in Washington DC on the implementation of the so-called Affordable Care Act. The incredible cost and actual reduction of quality healthcare that this legislative travesty will impose on American citizens and taxpayers becomes more and more apparent each day. Anyone who has the courage to pull their head out of the sand and look at the facts can easily see this. This ability is apparently not in the skill set of our former one term legislator Ken Tschumper, Governor Mark Dayton and the current Democratic majority in the Minnesota House and Senate.

I appreciate the fact that the majority of the people of Houston, Fillmore and Winona counties do not take Ken Tschumper’s liberal advice. His statement that we should count ourselves fortunate that the liberal Metro Democrats are taking such good care of us is outrageous and insulting.

I encourage the good people of Houston, Fillmore and Winona counties in their ongoing support of our current hardworking conservative Republican legislators. They both truly understand and represent the values of the majority of the people who live in District 28 and 28B.


Thomas Bulman

Caledonia, Minn.