Trespassers run over and kill family dog

To the Editor:

The intent of this letter is to ask for help in seeking out information in regard to a situation that happened at our home on Sunday, June 2.

My husband was home at the time and noticed a car drive into our driveway, turn around and proceed to drive away at an excessive speed while teasing and taunting our beautiful black lab mix. As you can imagine, this would be very purposely annoying to any animal, but to do so while driving uninvited on our private drive only got our dog more anxious.

After this display of inappropriate conduct with our dog, Jake, my husband heard the horrible sound of the car hitting him, running him over and leaving him to lie in the middle of the road! They did kill him, and worse yet left him lying there, never coming back to admit to us what they had done.  This is a heart-wrenching incident to have happen to any animal, especially someone’s family pet!

Jake had been a member of our family and was very inhumanely taken from us. I would appreciate any help in identifying the person(s) responsible for this tragedy.

To the guilty party: I would hope that the guilt I HOPE YOU FEEL would convince you to do the right thing and own up to your responsibility and report this.


Lorene Reining

Caledonia, Minn.

  • ex-con

    First of all, sorry that your family had to go through this…..

    Since your husband witnessed this crime, he would have a description of the
    vehicle, color or light/dark, number of headlights/tail lights, loud/quiet exhaust, window tint,
    two/four door, any damage, maybe he could see a number of occupants inside this vehicle.

    Maybe the deputy who took you report also took measurements of the tire tracks in your
    driveway. These measurements would be the “X” & side to side, along with tire
    width. With these measurements, if accurate, BCA can give you the make/model of this car.
    Maybe the deputy took photos of the tire tracks also.

    The deputy can also decreetly, check the bottoms of suppected vehicles, looking
    for evidence, such as, blood, which now will be a very dull red and black hair.

    Maybe the deputy could check at a local Kwik Trip or similar business. Inform the
    employee/s what happened and asked for their assistance. Many people are
    very helpful when informed and invited to assist. They’re drawn into the investigation.
    They feel like that have a purpose/goal in it’s outcome.

    If the deputy checks around, this might not be too difficult to solve.

    People who commit crimes, like to brag about their “work.” They are so
    proud of their bravery and want to share with it with their current friends.

    Also, install a driveway patrol security wireless sensor, they’re cheap and easy to install.

    Check into a trail camera.

    Not to second guess your husband, but I see two ways that something like this could
    be handled, at the time it occurred, that is.

    1. go outside with a camera and take flash pictures from a safe location. Cameras really
    make criminals nervous. Most of these digital cameras on the market are excellent
    in many conditions. Probably would have taken a photo of the license plate and/or

    2. go outside with a bright LED flashlight (Preferably 700 lumens or stronger) and an
    AR15, 5.56, (Only for his protection), and rescue your dog.

    Oh, for what it’s worth, 5.56 and .223 are similar but not the same, 5.56 is actually hotter.

    Oh, I forgot, call 911…………..

    It’s very possible that someone local committed this crime.

    You will do this individual a favor by exposing him. He is now inoculated to this
    type of crime and will move onto something more intense in the future.

    Good luck on your mission………………………