Davids doubts economic success will continue under Democrats

To the Editor:
With his recent letter, Kenny Tschumper proved once again why he was the best rural Democratic representative Minneapolis and St. Paul ever had.
Let’s analyze why he’s proud of legislative Democrats.
Taxes: During the last campaign, Democrats promised they would only tax the rich. Yet according to the Tax Incidence Analysis by Governor Dayton’s own revenue department, every income level will pay more in order to fund $3 billion in new, wasteful DFL spending proposals.
Education: Democrats promised to pay back the school shift. They didn’t.
Property Taxes: Democrats promised to restore the Market Value Homestead Credit. They didn’t.
Obamacare: Democrats set up a ridiculously expensive health care exchange as part of Obamacare, and passed a law preventing you from finding out how much more you’ll pay to support it until October 1. Some estimate rate increases between 50 and 90 percent.
Tschumper even has the audacity to suggest Republicans are wrong on budgeting, despite the fact that when the current budget cycle began, we faced a $5 billion deficit. When the cycle ends June 30, its expected Minnesota will have experienced a nearly $8 billion turnaround, or a $3 billion surplus.
I seriously doubt this economic success will continue now that Democrats increased state spending by $3 billion and increased taxes and fees by more than $2 billion on ALL hardworking Minnesotans for the next budget cycle.
As usual, if being against Kenny Tschumper is wrong, I don’t ever want to be right.

Greg Davids, State Representative
District 28B