Democrat’s budget full of of rainbows and unicorns

To the Editor:
Ken Tschumper, the author of a letter to the editor published June 12, 2013, has run repeatedly against Greg Davids and lost all but one time. (Davids has been there close to 20 years.)
If he thinks only the rich will be paying more to pay for all this property relief (does ole Ken think that is free money from the property gods?) and to fund all day Kindergarten, which, by the way, the DFL only partially funded, the rest is an unfunded mandate on local schools, he and his liberal friends are about to get a big surprise.
I hope he and his buddies don’t smoke because they raised the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $ 1.60. Do only the rich smoke? If not, then the poor and middle class are going to get smacked with a big tax increase.
Do any of his farming buddies pay to have machinery or grain stored or warehoused because that’s getting taxed as well.
I hope none of them make any purchases online – it’s getting taxed.
Does Kenny think the “rich” small business owner who files his pass thru income tax will not pass along this tax increase expense to the consumers of his products and services?
Maybe the “rich” businessman or women will just move to a state where he/she is welcomed and take their jobs with them. Hey, Kenny are you happy that the people of Minnesota are getting the honor of bailing out the Vikings and a loan that the city of St. Paul owes with general money? I recall your beloved governor stating no general fund tax dollars will be used to build the Viking stadium. Why not just tax to smithereens the wealthy billionaire owner who way out-smarted you on the whole stadium deal? I bet that is hard to do since he lives Jersey/New York.
Good luck Kenny, your rainbows and unicorns, democrat budget that will cost all Minnesotans and will result, once again, in state budget shortfalls. Then the adults in the room, the Republicans, will once again have to come in and clean up the mess.
Here’s a list of some more of the great things the Democrats did in the 2013 session:
• Attempted to restrict our Second Amendment rights
• Spent many days on divisive social issues
• Dumbed-down our high school diploma by eliminating the grad test
• Attempted to pass an anti-bullying bill that will restrict free speech and religious freedoms of our kids
• Attempted to raise the minimum wage to $9.50
• Unionized self-employed, mostly women-owned child care providers and PCAs
• Attempted to pass $800 million “porkulous” bill in a non-bonding year (We were able to stop it)
Don’t worry about these items that were mere attempts, Kenny. Your liberal friends will be back next year to finish the damage.
Ok. I am finished venting.

Al Parent
Land owner in Houston County
Conn Rapids, Minn.