Commission needs to take citizen complaints more seriously

To the Editor:

I am puzzled when I hear members of the Houston County Planning and Zoning Commission refer to the damage to the Nancy and Brent Schroeder houses as “alleged damage.”


The damage is real.  Why do the P/Z members insist on dismissing it as “alleged?”

At a P/Z meeting several weeks ago, Nancy Schroeder stated that she was in her house when a blast from the Bonanza Grain mine “shook” the house, and then she noticed the damage. Despite her statements, the members of the P/Z Commission seem determined to explain how that blast could not have caused the “alleged” damage.

Just the other day, I talked briefly with a member of the P/Z Commission who tried to explain various ways — none of which had anything to do with blasting — in which the “alleged” damage could have occurred.

I do not know whether the blast caused the damage or not; Mrs. Schroeder’s comments certainly warrant serious consideration of that possibility — and serious consideration is not happening.

Maybe it’s time for some new perspectives on the P/Z Commission. Maybe it’s time for some members who will take seriously the complaints of citizens instead of trying to dismiss them. Perhaps the presence of some citizens like Nancy or Brent Schroeder on the P/Z Commission could help others see from more than one vantage point.


Bets Reedy

Money Creek Township, MN