District rehires teachers

By Emily Bialkowski

Caledonia Argus


Characterized as “extremely positive” by middle/high school principal Paul DeMorett, the Caledonia School Board welcomed back several teachers July 15.

A direct result of obtaining ADSIS grant funding – Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services – the following teachers have been recalled and enter into contracts for the 2013-14 school year:

• Zoe Lamm as a middle/high school part-time science teacher

• Tory-Kale Schulz as an elementary teacher

• Bethany Meiners as an elementary social worker

The funding stream also paved the way for the board to hire an additional part-time math teacher for grades six through nine.

Perhaps relieved to be in a position of offering jobs instead of taking them away, while also providing better educational opportunities for the district’s youth, the board had no discussion on the hires, and all passed unanimously.

Superintendent Ben Barton gave a special nod to Nancy Runningen, community education director, who led the charge on the effort. His comments were met with applause, a not often used expression of approval at school board meetings.

Also on the personnel docket were resignations from Sarah Fruechte as the ninth grade girls basketball coach, Crystal Ostern as a part-time special educational assistant and Kristi Knutson as middle/high school student services secretary.

The three resignations received approval, though Knutson’s request had one dissenting vote from board member Melissa Marschall.

A fourth resignation, from Kevin Klug as the seventh grade boys basketball coach, paved the way for him to take on the head girls basketball coach position. That item received a unanimous nod.

The fall sports coaching contracts were reviewed and approved, in addition to the co-curricular coaching contracts. Please see charts for details.

Finally, approval was given to hire Randy Dehli as a full-time custodian.


Fall Sports Coaching Contracts 2013-14



Brent Schroeder, head coach, at $3,212 ($3,712 minus $500 as he pays for one assistant out of his contract)

Carl Fruechte, assistant coach, at $2,643

Mitch Mullins, assistant coach, at $2,643

Roger Knutson, assistant coach, at $2,643

Dan Muenkel, 9th grade coach, at $1,665

Doug Miller, 8th grade coach, at $2,002

John Fruechte, 7th grade coach, at $1,834

Luke Snell, assistant out of Brent’s contract at $500

Girls soccer

Tim Colleran, head coach, at $3,542

Jake Dellamuth, assistant coach, at $2,306

Boys soccer

Dustin Moburg, head coach, at $3,542


Scott Koepke, head coach, at $3,712

Dan Reinhart, assistant coach, at $2,643

Alissa Diersen, junior high coach, at $1,834

Jeremy Leis, junior high coach, at $2,002


Co-Curricular Coaching Contracts 2013-14


School musical, Lindsay Mackie, at $1,879

Band, Dustin Moburg, at $1,237

Choir, Ross Martin, at 1,406

FFA Advisor, Brad Harguth, at $3,604

Jr. Class Advisor, Bethany Meiners, at $2,092

Jazz Symposium, Ross Martin, at $3,305

Knowledge Bowl, Becky Breeser, at $1,574

Knowledge Bowl, David Riley, at $1,574

Marching & Pep Band, Dustin Moburg, at $1,879

National Honor Society, Tory-Kale Schulz, at $1,237

Student Council, Sue Link, at $3,604

Yearbook, Peggy Perry, at $3,001