ECM editorial nothing more than a pity party

To the Editor:

Nice try with the pity party held recently in your commentary section (Feds out of touch with working poor, July 17). Why applaud billions of dollars being thrown down the food stamp hole?

What’s it like to sit in your ivory tower supposing what it’s like to be “poor” and “hungry,” buzzwords used to describe your pets. Here on the street level it’s called welfare fraud.

Libs push for “healthy food choices” in schools, yet refuse to recognize that the obese are not “hungry.” Obesity is not a disease – it’s the result of lack of control and poor choices.

Everyone I know who is on food stamps is at least fat, at worst lazy. My relative, for example, mooches off society because he won’t work, lives at a shelter and complains about every ache and pain to gain sympathy.

They feed him three squares a day, he gets the card, sells it for cash, buys synthetic pot, smokes himself stupid, then has another excuse for another day gone by without a job.

He blames society. Multiply that by every person in the enabler system and you’ve got thousands of deadbeats living off those of us who work.

You claimed that “hundreds of teachers send food home with their students.” Really. I don’t believe you, name one.

Maybe they ought to try sending English assignments home instead. Too many Americans don’t speak English making them unemployable. I’m not talking about immigrants – that’s a whole different subject also being painted with a phony brush.

You quoted Betty McCollum about cuts being “immoral” then gave supposed stats. Here’s my stats – 10 in 10 people I know getting foods stamps do so fraudulently and either sell the proceeds or gorge themselves on junk, creating a need for taxpayer funded Medicaid.

I think these folks should work for their “benefits” instead of working the system. It’s immoral not to.


Vicki Lechelt

Robbinsdale, MN