Argus is a ‘weekly disappointment’

To the Editor:

I’m writing this in regard to the Aug. 7 Argus. What a disappointment. Our church, St. Luke’s U.C.C., is celebrating its 150th year and not a word about it in the Argus.

We know Jan Lee Buxengard wrote an excellent article for the paper and got it in before the deadline. We are told there wasn’t space! The Spring Grove Herald found space with a colored picture on the front page.

No space? You found two full pages of Summer Rec plus several other sports-related articles. These all could have waited as there were no dates connected to them.

The Argus has missed other opportunities of special interest where there could have been articles, such as the Memorial Day program – not even a picture. There were a number of area servicemen who took part in the Freedom Flight program – again, nothing. I’m certain there are other news articles people could have enjoyed.

Yes, sports are important, but some can wait. It’s no wonder people call the Argus “The Weekly Disappointment.”


Marveen Feil 

Eitzen, MN