Family dog killed by driver who did not stop

To the Editor:

On Friday, Aug. 9, 2013, at 8:05 my dog Diego was struck by a truck in front of my home. Not only was I outside to witness this, but my 7-year-old daughter was also outside trying to catch him. We were horrified that this happened.

My daughter and I understand that this was an acciedent, but what is upsetting is that the vehicle that struck Diego never braked, never slowed down, or even stopped.  Even though my daughter screamed for them to stop.

On my street there is a daycare next door, a daycare across the street and I myself watch a family of children.  What if it wasn’t Diego that was hit, but a child? Would they of still not stopped or slowed down?  I feel that that is so wrong!  They could have at least stopped to say they were sorry and tried to help.

Maybe if they stopped and took him to the vet for me then we could have saved him. But instead we had to wait for my husband to come home so we could take him up there, and he died before he got home.

I think that people should slow down and drive with more caution in town. You never know what is going to come running out in front of you. Next time it could be a child. And if you do happen to hit someone’s pet, at least stop to say you are sorry. Don’t be heartless –  a child could have seen it from the house, too.  You never know.


Jennifer West

Caledonia, MN