Thanks to all for great fair and great number of activities

To the Editor:

As the Houston County Fair wraps up for another year, with its gentle reminder that another summer is coming to its last weeks, I’d love to put forth a few words of commendation here. And this is meant to acknowledge and thank not only those who work to make the Fair the fantastic event that it is year after year, but also to every other person in the area who plays a role in any way in making this community what it is.

There are so many outstanding clubs, churches, groups and businesses all around us, and there are so many exciting and energizing events and activities available (both in and around Caledonia), that it’s virtually impossible to even be aware of them all (though on that note, I say we need to collectively and publicly thank the Argus and its excellent staff for the very fine job they do week after week to keep us informed!).

As a small sample of what I’m speaking of here, just these past weeks we have seen an absolutely enchanting children’s theatre production of Peter Pan (thanks Community Ed, Prairie Fire and all the kids and adults involved!), a simply beautiful National Night Out community celebration (thanks Fire/Police/EMT Dept’s, and all the other helpers there!), the wrap-up of yet another awesome Music in the Park series (kudos to Randi Vick, the City of Caledonia and all sponsors!), a very fine community corn and brat blast (graciously put on by Merchants’ Bank and the Lions) and an amazing Bud Marnach baseball/softball tournament (along with the wrap-up to another successful summer sports season)!

Please also note here our excellent library and its wonderful staff and programs, the much appreciated city pool program (and all involved with the upgrading efforts there), an incredible Vacation Bible School week at St. Mary’s (with other local churches holding very successful weeks of their own earlier in the summer), and I’m sure I could go on and on (and this  just in a brief time period, and within these city limits)!

I’m sure I’ve missed groups and events that could have also been included here, so please take no offense if I missed listing your efforts.

Please do join with me in striving to take note of and appreciate the incredible number of opportunities we all have, at any given time, to get out and to be involved in a positive fashion in our community.  As is shared so succinctly and so accurately in John 1:16, “…we have been given one blessing after another.”


Joe Horihan

Caledonia, MN