Caledonia gets go ahead from state

By Emily Bialkowski

Caledonia Argus


The Caledonia School District has been accepted into the state’s Qcomp teacher evaluation program, which will generate an additional $169 per student for the budget. The program demands, however, comprehensive teacher evaluation, training and documentation of the district’s progress.

“There will be bugs to work out, and I anticipate it won’t be a walk in the park,” Superintendent Ben Barton told the school board Aug. 19.

Without Qcomp, though, the district would have had to find money for teacher development on its own, as the state is now mandating more attention be given to teacher evaluation and training.

Qcomp’s five components include:

• Creating teacher leader positions with an increase in pay

• Hosting job embedded professional development. The district will attain this with late start Wednesdays, during which time teachers will meet in Peer Learning Centers (PLCs).

• Providing comprehensive teacher evaluations that include peer reviews

• Offering bonuses if teachers meet individual, site and district goals

• Creating steps for salary increases with quality indicators.

Barton is forming an oversight committee to help guide this process, and the teacher’s union will have to enter into an agreement with the school board before Qcomp can get off the ground.

Additionally, if the school board wanted, it could levy $91 per student to create even more resources for the program.

Last year 52 school districts participated in QComp, as did 56 charter schools.