Oppose frac sand mining

To the Editor:

I write in strong opposition to frac sand mining! Our pledge to God, who created heaven and earth, that we would be good stewards of the land, leaving it in as good a condition as we found it would be broken if we allowed frac sand mining in Houston County. We’ve made mistakes in the past, such as over cropping our steep slopes (before today’s soil conservation plans), over cutting our timber in the days of the lumber barons (“Minnesota – a History” by William E. Lass.), also the tilling of shallow soil over vast acres when along came the Dust Bowl. How gullible are we?

Now there is a scheme spreading like cholera, designed by Big Oil, not to make oil cheaper for use, but to make oil less expensive to produce and control the land. They would then control the oil, the food supply, the ethanol (a corn product) competitor of oil.

Is Big Oil bad for our economy… “No.” Just greedy. We need strong agriculture producing meat, dairy, poultry, grain, fruit and more to feed our country and the world. Dollars generated in agriculture multiply many, many times as it passes hands in our economy. We are very important to the Gross National Product.

All current and past science plus personal experience warns us of the long-term danger to our underground waterways. Even our drinking water very likely would be impacted by frac sand mining.

My husband and I both grew up in Winneshiek County, Iowa, just south of Houston County. We visited the Wonder Cave, Niagara Cave, Malanophy Springs (now a state park that previously belonged to my grandmother), also Duning Springs and Twin Spring. All are fresh water sources. At Niagara Cave you can go down under the ground and witness the free flowing river for yourself. Both the mining of frac sand and the use of the sand forced back into the ground at another location is damaging to our people, to both their health and their livelihood.

I have made considerable effort to inform myself about this dusty, dangerous process by reading, listening, watching and attending meetings. My hope and prayer is that our commissioners will vote for a permanent ban on frac sand mining in Houston County. Any temporary moratorium would be constantly challenged by well-funded lawyers until Houston County would be broke and Big Oil would overtake us. Let’s get behind our commissioners, tell them we want a permanent ban. This is a “no brainer.”

Thank heavens we’re moving in the right direction. We have plans to protect the fish. Now let’s protect our grandchildren. It takes more than money to win this battle. It takes voters and future voters to call commissioners. If you don’t know their names call the Houston County Auditor 507-725-5803 or check the website.

Also, please sign the petition to permanently ban frac sand mining in Houston County.


Julia Massman

Caledonia, Minn.