Seven resignations accepted

By Emily Bialkowski

Caledonia Argus


A total of seven resignations were accepted by the Caledonia School Board during its Aug. 19 meeting. Several other personnel items were approved as well, including bringing back middle school/high school science and math teacher Zoe Lamm, who was previously the victim of a layoff due to budget shortfalls.



Resignations were submitted and accepted from:

• Bethany Meiners as the part-time parent educator with the Early  Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) Program effective immediately. Meiners is a full-time social worker at the elementary school and will maintain that position.

• Kris Ballard as a full-time custodian effective immediately. Ballard was well liked by the kids, board member Michelle Werner said before approval was given.

• Keri Eglinton as a part-time ECFE educational assistant effective immediately.

• Lynette Solie as a part-time special educational assistant effective immediately.

• Megan Karr as a part-time speech pathologist effective immediately. Superintendent Ben Barton said this has been a difficult position to fill over the years as schools must compete with the medical industry for candidates. Video conferencing has helped alleviate the pressure to fill the position for now, though the district would prefer to employ someone who could provide personal contact.

• Tammy Twite as a part-time special educational assistant effective immediately.

• And last but not least, the board accepted the resignation of Carol Schiltz as the elementary administrative assistant with thanks for her 41 years of service. “I just want to wish her the best of luck. She’s definitely served our district, and she’s earned the right to a great retirement,” Barton said.


Staff recall

With these resignations the board was able to recall part-time special educational assistant Jamie Ideker for approximately 5.75 hours per day.

The board also recalled middle school/high school science and math teacher Zoe Lamm. “Several students were happy to hear she’s coming back, so I’m glad she’s coming back,” Werner said.


New hires

Four individuals received the board’s nod to fill vacant positions. They include:

• Michael Morey as a full-time custodian.

• Jay Tolleson as the event coordinator. This support position is new and a direct result of  middle school/high school principal Paul DeMorett taking on the responsibilities previously held by the activities director.

There were three applicants for the job, and a committee interviewed all three.

• Michael Carmack as a full-time janitor. With the addition of Carmack, the building and grounds team is now at four custodians and three janitors.

• Ann Frauenkron as a part-time preschool teacher.


Health insurance
for support staff

A new health insurance eligibility memorandum of understanding was approved by the board with the district’s support staff.

The document came to fruition after the board instituted late start Wednesdays, indirectly affecting a contract with the union stating that staff must work 35 hours per week to earn the district’s contribution for health benefits.

“Our intent was never to change the health insurance contribution,” Barton said.

The understanding acknowledges and adjusts for late start Wednesdays.


Warrior Pride

As is tradition at each school board meeting, groups and/or individuals are extended a thank you for supporting the Caledonia School District.

Thanks was extended to Bill Kearney for volunteering his time to stripe the playing fields.

Thanks were extended to Rita McCormick for volunteering her services and working with the Chamber of Commerce to provide meals to the Bluff Country Cyclists during their Root River ride.

Thanks were extended to the Houston County Highway Department for its cooperation in changing and painting the center lines on Main Street to allow for a safer area for school buses when dropping off and picking up students.