Governor prepared to fight for silica sand mining ban

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, Minnesota Public Radio’s political editor Mike Mulcahy hosted Governor Mark Dayton at the Minnesota Public Radio State Fair booth.

Governor Dayton answered questions from fairgoers and radio listeners around the state.  Responding to a call-in question about fracking from a woman named “Billie” in Lake City, the Governor stated: “The fracking, frankly,  I would keep out of Minnesota entirely,” and “I wanted to ban the further silica sand mining and any processing of that in Southeastern Minnesota.”

He went on to note that there are some existing operations in the Mankato [and other] areas that he would allow – “the areas are not so ecologically fragile.” Admitting that he, “couldn’t get the legislature to go along with the ban in southeastern Minnesota, he said, “but we did get some very very tight regulations … that DNR and Pollution Control Agency are going to enforce vigilantly.”

He concluded by stating, “We’ll see how it goes, but I’m prepared to try again next year to get the legislature to say that area is off limits.”

To hear the audio, go to the one-minute segment 36.54 to 37:43 at


Drue Fergison

Money Creek, MN