Landowners lose because of outdated policies

To the Editor:

What has happened to me and my farm are grave levels of misconduct by a construction company and the Houston County Zoning Department.

I was born and raised on my family farm, which has now been in a direct Omodt lineage for 159 years since 1854.  A  zoning application with a forgery of my signature was submitted for a “Mineral Extraction Permit.” resulting of the theft of 6,000 to 7,0000 cubic yards of my working field without permission and without compensation.  Why?  Because the contractor believed he could get by with it.

I learned of the zoning application for the first time eight months after it was submitted to the Zoning Department. Had a pre-application meeting with the Money Creek Township Board – as required by Houston County Ordinance – been followed, the trespass, taking and theft of my property would have never occurred!

If I were the only property owner suffering from either ignoring or mismanagement of Houston County ordinances, I could assume it was only a “fluke.” However, I have come to realize that I am not alone as there are multiple additional property owners who have also experienced unethical actions and significant property losses.

Why? Because the Houston County Zoning and Planning Department and Planning Commission operate with non-existent or obsolete or outdated policies and procedures.

I have formally asked the county commissioners to update both the Zoning and Planning Department and Planning Commission to the standards of the 21st Century!

County commissioners, please notice the Houston County Zoning and Planning Department and Planning Commission are not protecting your tax paying property owners!


Lucille Omodt Crow

Money Creek Township, MN