Support for the one day bond helps Caledonia Schools

Ben Barton

Caledonia Public Schools

I would like to inform you of the upcoming One Day Bond election that will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 5. A PowerPoint presentation on the bond is available on the district’s website at under “Hot News.”

The One Day Bond is very unique! We have the opportunity to go to the voters of this community for a one day bond election because of the state capital loan our school received in 2000 to build our middle/high school and retrofit our elementary building.  We are one of only 12 school districts in the state that currently have a capital loan.

Because our district received this loan, the state requires tax payers to be taxed at the maximum effort rate.  This rate is 29.39 percent of the adjusted net tax capacity of the property located in our district. The maximum effort taxes that are collected each year are first used to pay the local bond payment, and any money that remains is sent to the state to pay on the capital loan. Our loan is to be paid back over 50 years and if it is not, the loan is forgiven. We are scheduled to pay this loan off 20 years early.

There is legislation that allows for capital loan districts to ask the voters to approve a one day bond. If the voters approve, the district will be able to hold back $495,000 of the taxes collected to be kept in the school district to be used for building and grounds, technology and curriculum.

Our district has been blessed with the community’s support of passing One Day Bonds the last two years.  These dollars have been used to update our outdated curriculum materials, update technology infrastructure, purchase college in the classroom textbooks, place SmartBoards or projection units in each classroom, add security cameras in the middle/high school, move to a one-to-one computing environment to place an iPad in the hands of each 4th, 5th and 6th grader, replacement of several failed heat pumps at the middle/high school, and the list goes on. Thank you so much for your previous support!

That being said, we continue to have great needs that serve as the rationale for the school board asking the voters to approve an additional one day bond. We need to continue to update our instruction materials, replace leaking roofs at the elementary building, tuck-point the elementary building, make our entrances more secure, grow our one-to-one computing initiative to additional grades and replace school vehicles, etc.

The amount of yearly taxes collected will NOT change if voters approve the One Day Bond. The One Day Bond will allow us to keep a portion of the taxes collected in the district versus sending it to the state.

Please do not hesitate to call, email or set an appointment if you would like to get additional details or have questions.


Ben Barton


Ben Barton is the Superintendent of the
Caledonia School District.



    I for one am sick and tired of the school district asking for money. The public has to start putting their foot down and saying NO.. They like all of us tax payers, need to work within their means. We have no say when our electricity goes up, or when Houston County raisers our taxes, etc. Well we have a say on this, SAY NO


    WOW, haven’t we all heard ‘YOUR TAXES WILL NOT GO UP’ then tell me how does this money just magically appear? It comes from somewhere and guess how in the end it is funded??? THE TAX PAYERS..SAY NO