Details of meth lab explosion uncovered

By Emily Bialkowski

Caledonia Argus


Details from the Oct. 20 meth lab explosion in Houston County have been uncovered and indicate that Mark Link, 50, of Freeburg, was at his home at 5552 County Rd. 249 when the alleged eruption occurred.

White powder in foil; an internet recipe for making meth; $1,730 in cash; fire extinguisher dust; and a large amount of lithium strips were found at the residence, according to search warrants obtained by The Caledonia Argus.

Lithium is an ingredient common in manufacturing methamphetamine and is very flammable when it comes into contact with water.

Houston County Dispatch received a call on Oct. 20 from a hospital in La Crosse reporting that Link had been dropped off at the emergency room by his sister after he drove to her house on County Road 3 in Houston County.

Link’s sister immediately drove him to the emergency room upon observing his injuries, the warrant states. Link was intubated, sedated and flown to a specialized medical facility due to the nature of his injuries.

The vehicle Link left at his sister’s residence was also searched, during which time investigators uncovered a Coleman fuel jug, muriatic acid, two boxes of pseudoephedrine, a box of instant cold packs and a red funnel.

“Because precursor chemicals are in the vehicle driven by Mr. Link to his sister’s residence it is likely that Mr. Link may have tried to remove items of evidence from the home in order to avoid leaving items of evidence for law enforcement,” one investigator stated in the search warrant.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office continues to handle the case.