Roverud building is ideal as a new highway county shop

To the Editor:

I am writing to address a letter from Harold Link, which published in the Oct. 3 issue of the Argus.  I hesitate to write, but it seems there is misinformation regarding the Roverud Construction site that I can clarify.

The building was built  in 1984 as a shop with an attached office suite for the purpose of operating Roverud Construction. The Peter Nelson Company of Caledonia built the building. There are several large offices, a conference room, a vault, a three-station assistant pool, mens and ladies restrooms and a refreshment center.

In addition, there is a shop office with a restroom and a testing labratory. There is ample storage above the entire office area that could be used for storage or more office space.

The four bay shop was designed to accommodate, repair and maintain large heavy equipment, much the same as the highway department.  The shop includes a welders booth.

In addition, there is a large warehouse that has a partial, two-story storage area that was used for tires, etc. The acreage adjoins the property owned by the county that is used for salt storage and the recycling center, which is another reason the site is unique.

The original building was struck by lightening in 1994, and consequently the entire office portion was rebuilt and the shop completely refurbished.  This makes the office portion a 20-year-old building rather than a 40-year-old building as Mr. Link  stated.

Roverud Construction was sold in 2004, and the new owner leased the site until 2009. The State of Minnesota leased the building until 2010. The building has been unoccupied since 2010.

I have not actively listed the property as I have enjoyed the use of the shop. The commissioners have expressed slight interest from time to time, but an official written offer has never been made or refused.  I respect the commissioners and will continue to work with them.

I hope I have clarified these issues and would gladly welcome Mr. Link with a tour of the property at any time.

Considering that two different commissions have been looking at the property suggests there is potential. The Roverud property was built to last and has room to grow. Spring Grove is an active community with a full business Main Street. This site offers the highway department a turnkey building with everything they need without spending millions of dollars.

Respectfully submitted,


Curt Roverud

Spring Grove, MN