Worker falls at Dresbach Bridge construction site

Authorities identified the man injured Nov. 6 in a fall at the Interstate 90 bridge construction site as Logan Scott Goodell, of Wheeler, Wis.The Ames Construction employee suffered life-threatening injuries after he fell nearly 45 feet into the Pier 2 coffer dam.

Another worker witnessed the fall, initiated the emergency response plan and called La Crosse County 911.

Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance received the call at 9:07 a.m., and a paramedic ambulance and two paramedic supervisors arrived on-scene at 9:18 a.m.

First responders were quickly transported by a waiting boat from the Minnesota side of the river to the rescue site where they were able to rescue the worker from the coffer dam – a water-tight enclosure that is pumped dry to expose the bottom of the river bed – and quickly transport him to a local hospital.

Work temporarily stopped so the incident could be investigated.

“There is no impact to traffic on the construction site,” Mark Anderson, MnDOT project manager, said. “This was the first lost-time incident on the project.”

In a statement from Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance, it was noted that there was very good communication provided by the construction crew, who provided proper information to the La Crosse County 911 dispatcher, which helped Gundersen Tri-State ambulance quickly locate the appropriate people on-site to take them to the immediate scene.

The Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate the incident.