2013 Top Ten disappointing

To the Editor:

Your recent feature on the most important stories in the Argus in 2013 was very disappointing.

Two stories not mentioned  that unfolded this last year should jump to the top of anyone’s list.

In 2013, DFL Governor Mark Dayton and the DFL Majority in the Legislature raised income taxes on the highest income people in this state and put $2 billion dollars more into K-12 education.

After a decade of flat school funding by Republicans, Minnesota schools finally got an infusion of much needed money. Kids in our local school districts and all over Minnesota are going to have better educations because of “Tax the Rich.”

Most Minnesotans, either directly or indirectly, will benefit over the next several decades because the future belongs to people with good educations who can work in the businesses that will make our state and nation competitive in the global economy.

The other big story of course is the ongoing battle over frac sand mining. 2013 was the third year of at least a 20-year political war over whether or not to allow the environmental rape of southern Minnesota, including Houston County, for the mining of silica sand to be used for oil and gas fracking.

Both our county government and state


government have taken important actions to deal with the danger of frac sand mining and the threat it represents to the health and well-being of all of us. Much more needs to be done and it certainly is still not for certain that our local and state governments will do enough to promote the public interest over the special interest of a few landowners and some big corporations from outside of the state.


Ken Tschumper

La Crescent, MN