Caledonia Lions Trivia Night Feb. 1

The second annual Caledonia Lions Trivia Night is set for this weekend on Saturday, Feb. 1 at the Four Seasons Community Center. Check in will be at 6 p.m. with the event beginning at 7 p.m. The profits from this event benefit the SOS Pool Project.

This year’s event will feature:

• More fun and laughter!

• Ten categories and 10 questions per category.

• Questions from a variety of eras Ice Age to present.

•  The ever popular SOS.

• Arrive early AND hungry.  Enjoy homemade chili.

• More detailed/enhanced scoring.

• Possibility of more FREE drinks!

• It’s not too late to sign up a team.  (10 persons per team)

Sign up today by contacting Randy Weibel at [email protected] or call 507-725-3344.

The cost is $20/person for participants (includes a bowl of homemade chili and a soda or beer); $10/person for non-participants who wish to watch (includes a bowl of chili and a soda or beer).