Obamacare a huge overreach of government

To the Editor:

Benefits of Obamacare? Where to start? The lie about bringing down costs. Yep, you can add 30 million people to a system and it actually gets cheaper. Believe it?

How about the biggest disincentive to not work full time or not work at all because guess what, the great mighty government will pay for you to have health insurance!

That’s just what we need: more people depending on government. The non-partisan CBO just came out with a report about the 2.2 million jobs will be lost because of Obamacare. With real unemployment over 10 percent, that’s a great step in the right direction!

How about that 40 million dollar website www.healthcare.gov? Shows how efficient government is. Thousands of more IRS agents? Yep, have to enforce Obamacare!

In Hienzman’s “commentary” last week (titled “Consider health insurance law’s benefits, despite criticism,” which published Feb. 5) he spun this mess very well. He mentions Medicaid expansion. Yep, Medicaid works so good we need to expand it, and lets add Obamacare as well. Fix a failing government program with another government program. Genius!

He didn’t mention the huge cost increase that everyday people are seeing, both in premiums and in deductibles. When will people wake up and see this as a huge overreach of government. Let Capitalism work. Lets get government out of the way!


Matt Klug

Caledonia, MN