The quack of frac

To the Editor:

Most of us have heard of Exxon Mobile, a company quite actively involved with oil exploration. Lou Allstadt, the former CEO of Exxon, just recently filed a lawsuit against a frac sand mining corporation near his home. He claims no one should have to live close to compression stations, incessant heavy truck traffic or water and air contamination. The current CEO of Exxon Mobile, Rex Tillerson, has also filed a lawsuit against an organization regarding the storage and use of water used in frac mining operations. It appears from these wealthy individuals that it’s OK to frac wherever they want, just not close to where they live.

North Dakota is now the second largest producer of crude oil in the United States using frac sand mining for its production. This oil is being shipped by rail to the east and south where it is being refined before being shipped and sold to other countries.

Why refined first? Because it is illegal to ship our crude out of the country.

Fracking uses a mixture of water, sand and toxic chemicals under high pressure to get dense rock formations to crack open causing oil and natural gas to escape. It also uses immense amounts of water when mining the sand. Can we afford all this water usage? Our whole country is facing water shortages.

The air around the mines and fracking also becomes polluted with tiny pieces of sand extremely harmful to breathe. Trucks hauling the sand spread this sand wherever they go further contaminating air quality, adding damage to roads and spewing diesel fumes.

Take time to study, research, listen and read about fracking issues. Our natural resources are ours to protect.

Water, air, gas: Which one does not sustain life?


Bob and Pat Hill

Caledonia, Minn.