The Crooked Creek Board of Supervisors is currently accepting quotes for the follows items.
1. 3/4 crushed rock that meets Minnesota State specifications to be placed on the roads for the road maintenance season of 2014. Rock to be placed by June 20, 2014.
2. Ice control rock and spreading for the next winter season of 2014/2015.
Quotes may be presented at the next Monthly meeting until 8:00 pm. on Tuesday April 15, 2014 in a sealed envelope marked Rock Quote or Mailed to Eldor Wunnecka Chairperson, 16523 Klondike Rd. Brownsville, MN 55919. The Crooked Creek Township Supervisors reserve the right to reject any or all bids in the best interest of the Township.
Andre Moen, Clerk
Published in the
The Caledonia Argus
April 2, 9, 2014

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