Board needs to be fiscally responsible

To the Editor:

It’s inevitable; we all expect change. With change, we all hope and sometimes pray that this time it might be in our favor.

We’ve all seen the old regime of Houston County commissioners pass on their legacies as each left office. They made a few mistakes, like any of us would. Sometimes they spent more than necessary on frivolous eccentricities. But after all was said and done, they were honest, hard working and generally cared about you and me, the taxpayers of Houston County.

As time marched on, one by one, we chose an entire new regime of county commissioners, each claiming to offer effective resolutions to the issues at hand. A few have stood by those promises. Some have chosen new avenues. Some have formed alliances which seem to work against the governing body as it stands. (It makes me think they watch too much TV.) One commissioner basically said the new jail is old news. It’s built, we use it, the project is history, get over it! It seems to me that it still impacts my taxes and will for quite some time. So, I’m not getting over it! Other commissioners seem to have a hard time saying “no” to virtually every matter that arises: pay raises, purchases, daily expenditures, etc., etc. These attitudes don’t balance budgets. We taxpayers hired you, with our votes, to protect our interests, not to pursue your own personal interests and agendas or those of your family and friends.

Most of us are currently paying taxes that are four times higher than they were just a few years ago. So, I don’t care to hear any more gibberish about why we need to spend more. I want to hear how you’re going to save us money for a change. It’s time we became fiscally responsible and the weight of those decisions are on your shoulders. Those decisions, by the way, need to be modest and rational. Not just buy, buy, buy, spend, spend.


Gary Parr

Brownsville, Minn.