The Caledonia Argus would like to clarify a section of the Police Blotter on page 13 of the April 23 Argus. A portion of the police report states “Monday, March 31, 10:53 a.m. There is an ongoing investigation for possession of child pornography at Caledonia High School.”  This statement  is incorrect. The report concerns an investigation of child pornography between an adult male in Rosemount, Minn.. and a juvenile female in Caledonia. The incident did not take place at school.  School officials alerted authorities, after obtaining knowledge of the event. The juvenile was interviewed at CHS by Caledonia police.  Superintendent Ben Barton commended his staff for quickly contacting the police department and possibly averting a much more serious incident from taking place.
The Argus regrets the mistake.
  • concerned citzen

    They shouldn’t even be putting the Police Blotter in the paper! Even though they don’t name names, you can almost figure out what and where things happened and it just gets false rumors going and makes a bad situation worse in some cases. Especially when they don’t even post things accurately.