Inglett to run for Houston County Sheriff

Mark Inglett
Mark Inglett

Mark Inglett announces he will run for Houston County Sheriff 2014. Inglett currently is a Minnesota State Trooper with nearly 25 years of law enforcement experience.  He was promoted to Station Sergeant for the Winona County patrol station in 2006.  For the previous 2 years he also served as the interim Station Sergeant for the Houston/Fillmore County patrol stations during a period when the two stations were temporarily combined.

Inglett is a long time resident of Houston County and grew up in Caledonia. He and his family currently live in La Crescent.

Inglett is seeking the position because he feels the Houston County Sheriff’s Office and residents would benefit from new leadership.  He would promote accountability, transparency, and pro-active services to the citizens.   After speaking with many citizens, Inglett believes that new leadership is needed in the Sheriff’s Office.  He feels he can bring a new perspective of leadership and accountability to the agency.  His professional and personal experience has prepared him for the job.

Inglett has worked with the Houston County deputies and appreciates the quality of their work.  He would like to improve the pro-activeness of the agency and collaboration with the communities served and the agencies the Sheriff’s Office needs to work with.

Inglett will provide positive leadership on a daily basis and would take a hands on approach to running the Sheriff’s Office.  With his many years of dedicated service working for a law enforcement agency that places great value on integrity and accountability, Inglett is prepared to lead the Sheriff’s office in a forward direction.


  • Tim Irwin

    Now here is a candidate I am excited about. Been working side-by-side with
    Sgt Inglett for a number of years. He has backed me on town calls and I have
    helped him out on the highway… He has great people skills, really cares
    about those he helps, and never wavers from doing the right thing.