That an application has been made by SBA/AT&T (Guy Stewart, representative) of 3703 North Point Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54481 and Dylan Becker, 14109 State 76, Caledonia, MN. 55921 for a Conditional Use Permit to construct a telecommunications tower in an agricultural district (Section 14-0110.1403, Subdivision 1, Subsection 12) in Caledonia Township on the following premises, to-wit:
That part of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 12 and that part of the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 13 all in Township 102 North, Range 6 West, Houston County, Minnesota described as follows: Beginning at the southwest corner of said Southwest quarter of the Southeast Quarter; thence on an assumed bearing of North 00deg.0256 West along and west line of said Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, 321.34 feet; thence South 83deg.3322 East 239.38 feet; thence South 43deg.0742 East 174.12 feet; thence South 76deg.5837 East 98.53 feet; thence North 19deg.4702 East 149.49 feet; thence North 76deg.5419 East 138.09 feet; thence South 11deg.3757 East 181.72 feet; thence South 24deg.3742 West 485.30 feet to the centerline of State Highway No. 76; thence North 54deg.4602 West along said State Highway No. 76, a distance of 253.81 feet; thence northwesterly 293.68 along said centerline and along a tangential curve concave to the southwest, said curve having a radius of 818.52 feet, a central angle of 20deg.3327, and the chord of said curve bears North 65deg.0246 West 292.11 feet to the west line of said Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 13; thence North 00deg.0241 East 32.33 feet to the point of beginning.
Said applicant standing and making application is as fee owner of said described lands and leaser of said described lands.
A hearing on this application will be held at the Historic Courthouse, Commissioners Room, City of Caledonia, Minnesota, 55921 at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, May 22, 2014. All persons having an interest in the matter will be given the opportunity to be heard relative to the granting or denying of said application.
By Bob Scanlan
Zoning Administrator
Published in the
The Caledonia Argus
May 7, 2014

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