St. Mary’s sending group to St. Vincent Mission in Kentucky in early July

Submitted  In 2013, one of the ways that St. Mary’s helped at St. Vincent’s mission was to replace a roof on a trailer home.
In 2013, one of the ways that St. Mary’s helped at St. Vincent’s mission was to replace a roof on a trailer home.

By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus


On Friday, June 27, St. Mary’s Catholic Church is hosting the Executive Director of St. Vincent Mission, Sr. Kathleen Weigand, OSB.

The public is encouraged to attend the speech which will begin at 7 p.m.

Sr. Kathleen Weigand

Sr. Kathleen will talk about St. Vincent Mission and their different programs, including emergency needs program, food pantry, their second hand store, education scholarships an annual Christmas store, Grow Appalachia Sustainable Agriculture and their home repair program.

“Each year, St. Vincent Mission hosts groups of college students, churches, families and individual volunteers from across the nation,” said Sr. Michaeline. “They come to repair or upgrade substandard housing or assist the mission in other ways.”

The projects consist of reparing or replacing roofs, floors, windows, doors, building room additions, ramps and more.

Volunteers usually raise most of the funds to finance their participation.

“The recipients are asked, when appropriate, to help with the cost of materials by repaying between 5 and 50 percent at no interest,” said Sr. Michaeline. “Recipients are also expected to assist with the repairs in whatever way they are capable.”

St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Caledonia has been involved in many building projects for St.Vincent Mission since 2004.

The group plans to send another contingent of local volunteers down to Kentucky beginning on Sunday, July 6.

They are expected to be in the area helping St. Vincent Mission until July 11.

A number of different parishioners have gone over the years. This year the group expects to have about 20 adults and youth make the trip.

“It’s always been to do construction work, yard work, adding on rooms, roofing, things like that,” said Sr. Michaeline.

St. Vincent Mission, Inc. located in eastern Kentucky and the Appalacian Mountains, was founded in 1968 by the Brothers of Charity from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“The mission is a community of people in Appalachia dedicated to the expression of Christian values by affirming that all persons have a God-ordained right to the basic needs of life in order to meet their full potential,” said Sr. Weigand.