Caledonia swimming pool doesn’t need so many bells and whistles

To the Editor:


This is in response to the request for signatures on a petition for the swimming pool in last week’s Caledonia Argus.  I agree that there is a need for a new swimming pool in Caledonia.  I was actually part of the group that first started meeting to discuss this in its inception.  I was part of the committee when it started to talk about fundraisers.  I did quit the committee because of my desire to be more available for my family and not attend so many meetings.  However, I do know that at the beginning when the pool plans were being discussed, I and others often stated that we need to keep the pool simple.  The basics that we felt we needed were zero entry and handicap accessibility.  A new pool house was deemed necessary and a green area was a nice amenity.  As far as the “extra” features of the pool, it was discussed that we should keep these minimal and we could always add to the pool as we raised more money.  We were hoping to use the current structure of the pool but in reading the Caledonia Argus last week, that is not a possibility and does need to be replaced.  I would hope that citizens of Caledonia would realize the importance of not over-spending given the economy that we are currently in and realize that we do not need to compete with the other towns and cities that currently have pools.  We just need a nice swimming pool for our children and grandchildren to go to that is safe and functional.  I would hope that the plan for the pool would be looked at once again and a plan for the critically needed items addressed, and then plan to host fundraisers over the next few years to add things as funds are available.  My children attend the current pool and have a lot of fun there just swimming.  Children can learn to use their imagination instead of having all of the bells and whistles to keep them entertained.



Karen Ness