Letterwriter appreciates generosity of So. Winnebago St. residents

To the Editor:


During the road work and closure of intersection County 249 and County 5, residents living along Winnebago and Adams were so kind and gracious, and I want to point this out. During this time, a number of people accessing this intersection “parked and walked” between houses and their cars or other such circumstances, leading to a number of people parking on the streets in front of houses. These homeowners were so gracious and so understanding about the parking, it was amazing. Really, this is the definition of “being a good neighbor.” It needs to be pointed out more when a community comes together and helps each other in simple acts of kindness, and this was certainly the case! So ‘thank you’, South Winnebago Street residents and West Adams Street, for your generosity and kindness with the parking situation. Kindness truly matters and is not forgotten. You know who you are!



Jennifer Winjum