Letterwriter has thought on old jail

To the editor:

I enjoyed reading about the old jail and Kruegers comment about saving the jail perhaps? Could she elaborate on just who was in charge of watching this historic property and why it got to this level? How high’s the water Mama? As the song goes.

When this first happened the majority of “talk” on the streets was “I wouldn’t doubt it if they did it on purpose to get rid of it”!  Just talk but not only in our county. Therefore if some of the unaddressed questions were answered it would make more sense.

As far as her comment regarding Winona parking lots she should take a look at the current courthouse there. A fine example of preserving a stately, beautiful historic building.

I too would hate to see the jail torn down. It would be a travesty for this to happen just to replace with a parking lot or outside exercise area for inmates. The talk has mentioned that too is another reason they want to get rid of it.

So could one of your reporters check out really just why the jail was flooded to the degree it was before it was checked on?


Danielle R. Burg

Caledonia, MN