Letterwriter: important to preserve our history

To the editor:

I am glad to see that after the deluge earlier this year, that the “old jail” is still standing and considered structurally sound and restorable. Its specific use isn’t as important as is preserving its historical appearance in the courthouse park. With the way government grows, it would be an ideal location for future office use, whether city, county or state. The important thing is not to tear it down. If additional parking or “green” space is needed, I would suggest the county purchase the old concrete block building currently for sale which is kitty-corner from Merchants Bank and across the street from the present courthouse parking lot. This old building is an eyesore and has no historical or architectural value. With it gone, there would be one less vacant building in downtown Caledonia, and it would open the view into the park. A nicely landscaped parking area would enhance that corner, and hopefully the removal of that building would satisfy the hunger of those eager to see something demolished in Caledonia! It is important to preserve what history we can for our future generations.


Stephen Brown

Caledonia, MN