Settlement reached between Omodt-Crow, JB Holland and county

By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus


Lucille Omodt-Crow, JB Holland Construction and Houston County have agreed to a settlement and release agreement following a dispute the parties had over what Omodt-Crow claims were land use violation.

Omodt-Crow alleged in her complaint that the proper conditional use procedures were not followed and that JB Holland and the county failed to meet with the Money Creek Township board.

In October of 2012, JB Holland constructed a borrow pit on the Beckman/Omodt-Crow field for use on a bridge replacement project.

On November 27, 2012, Houston County’s board of commissioners approved a CUP which allowed JB Holland to “do mineral extraction in an agricultural district” for the nearby road construction project.

The CUP was approved on behalf of Jeffrey Beckman and Lucille Omodt-Crow in Money Creek Township.

JB Holland constructed the project and obtained 7,433.91 cubic yards of borrow material from Omodt-Crow’s property.

Disputes arose between the parties giving rise to a lawsuit in Houston County.



After alleging that proper CUP procedures were not followed, the county and JB Holland countered that they had met with Dale Omodt, chairman of the Money Creek Township board.

On August 4, 2014, the parties reached an agreement to dispose of all asserted, unasserted and potential claims to the lawsuit.



The parties agreed upon a settlement of the lawsuit and Omodt-Crow has agreed to release the county and JB Holland from any and all claims related to the suit.

JB Holland agrees to pay $19,999 as settlement.

Upon receipt of the payment, Omodt-Crow agrees to dismiss the lawsuit.

The county board on Tuesday, August 19, went into closed session to discuss the settlement.

They voted to approve the terms and conditions of the agreement.