Wired Rooster open for business

Carson Coffield/The Caledonia Argus   Amanda and Jeremiah Ninneman invite you to The Wired Rooster on Main Street in Caledonia.
Carson Coffield/The Caledonia Argus
Amanda and Jeremiah Ninneman invite you to The Wired Rooster on Main Street in Caledonia.

By Carson Coffield

The Caledonia Argus

The long awaited and much anticipated Wired Rooster is now open to the public, and ready to serve our community with a variety of tasty treats for the whole family.

Amanda and Jeremiah Ninneman, owners of the Wired Rooster are extremely excited about this opportunity to give Caledonia a little something different. They knew that there were plenty of coffee shops in the area, but traditional coffee is just one of the many things that the Wired Rooster has to offer.

“We aren’t trying to compete with other coffee shops in town,” Jeremiah said. “We are simply trying to provide the people of Caledonia just another option so they can try out a different place every day.”

The Wired Rooster will be offering a variety of gourmet coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a wide selection of pops that aren’t your usual Coke and Pepsi products.

“The pop that most people will be familiar with will be Spring Grove soda,” Jeremiah said. “The rest of them they’ll have to try out and see which one is their favorite.”

The appearance, design and atmosphere of the Wired Rooster is unlike any other business in Caledonia. The barn wood counter, original brick walls, a bar stool view of Main Street and even a beautiful living room space for those who love to relax and read while drinking their morning coffee completely sets this place apart.

“Honestly, how it looks now is not how we envisioned it at the beginning of our project,” Amanda said. “It almost just ‘happened’ over time, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how our shop turned out.”

There is also a children’s room towards the back of the shop where kids can play or maybe eat one of their favorite ice cream flavors out of the many options the Wired Rooster presents.

“It’s fun having different flavors other than just the usual chocolate and vanilla,” Jeremiah said. “It’s a way people can try new things, and a great way to treat yourself during the hot summer months.”

The Wired Rooster is meant for all times of the day which is why they will also be providing an assortment of sandwiches for those who want to stop in for a light brunch or dinner.

“We are starting out with four different types of sandwiches,” Amanda said. “Each sandwich will have a unique twist to it, and we’ll listen to our customers’ feedback to change our sandwiches accordingly because we only want what the customers want.”

“We also have muffins, bagels and fruit meal replacement bars for those who are tight on time.” Jeremiah said. “The Wired Rooster also provides different meat bars such as the bison and chicken bars for those who want a little extra protein in their diet.”

Timing is everything and opening their business Founder’s Day week is the best way to show Caledonia and the surrounding area what the Wired Rooster is all about. “Opening up our shop during one of the most busy times of the year means we have to be ready right away,” Amanda said. “It will also be a great way to leave a lasting impression and give people yet another reason to talk about beautiful Caledonia.”

For now, The Wired Rooster will be open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., with hopes to one day be open seven days a week. “We are going to start with these times for now, but could adjust it down the road depending on what the customers want.” Jeremiah said. “We hope that the Wired Rooster can one day be a part of the many things that makes Caledonia so great.”