Sheriff’s Message

By Mark A. Inglett

Houston County Sheriff

As I begin my 3rd year serving as your sheriff, I will begin using a monthly column as a means to keep you, the citizens, informed and talk about important topics such as, the relationship between our communities and law enforcement. With all the negative press regarding law enforcement on a national level, it’s more important than ever to for us to continue to constantly strive to improve communications with everyone. Communication is the key to successful policing.

Since I began serving as your sheriff, I have been an advocate of positive proactive policing and actively promote that within the agency as well as always striving to improve our customer service.

It also means continuing to educate our staff on the areas of ever-changing challenges facing law enforcement. We have worked cooperatively with our local police department leaders in improving the training to meet the changes we face. I believe I can only ask our deputies to perform at a level to which they are trained. We are constantly making improvements to our training program. This past year we sent 3 deputies to Crisis Intervention Training, as a way to improve the way we handle situations involving mental health and addiction challenges we confront.

In 2016, there were officer-involved shootings all around us. Fillmore County, Winona County, and La Crosse County unfortunately all experienced these types of incidents. We live in different times and violence has found its way into our quiet communities.  Our deputies must be prepared to respond but yet not over-react. They must be prepared to keep you and your families safe as well as themselves. Realistic training is the way to accomplish that. We have been improving our training program to put officers in situations they may one day face while adding stress to them at the same time.  It’s important to me, that the citizens know we are always trying to improve and reduce the odds of a tragedy.

Law enforcement services can be difficult to measure success at times, but one of the greatest measurements of successful policing is the public’s satisfaction. I am always willing to meet with the citizens we service, please let us know if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Your Sheriff,  Mark A. Inglett 

Preserving the Peace and Public Trust