I was reminded what makes America great this week

Daniel McGonigle

General Manager/Managing Editor

We talked business, politics, investing, robotics, college for our kids and just about every other topic under the sun.

As Bob Carlson opened his business to me and I in turn opened it to you, the reader, I was moved by how a spirit like his makes rural Minnesota such a great place to live and raise a family.

Carlson’s passion for java came through, but his passion for the people of this area and region was even more evident.

He and his family have invested their time, money, blood, sweat and tears in all of us and I know the people in Houston are so happy that they did.

Talking with someone who is that passionate gives one hope as seemingly the news at the national level becomes uglier and uglier.

All most people want is to be left alone and to do the job he or she is put on this earth to do.

And over a freshly ground and brewed pot of coffee, I was reminded of that this week while visiting Carlson Roasting.

That is the spirit that makes southeast Minnesota great, that is the spirit that makes America great and that  passion is what is going to move us forward as a nation, no matter the challenges we may face in the weeks, days, months and years to come.