Letter writer looking forward to endorsing Hagedorn in 2018

To the Editor:

I am a delegate to the Republican First Congressional  District Convention on April 1, 2017. I was glad to hear that the national Republicans have made the First Congressional District a targeted race with the goal of replacing incumbent, progressive Democrat Tim Walz in 2018.

During his more than 10 years in Congress, Walz has consistently  misrepresented southern Minnesota’s voters by voting for radical Obama initiatives like amnesty for illegal aliens, sanctuary cities, massive refugee transfers from anti-American counties, Obamacare, extremist EPA regulations and late-term abortion on demand.

Though outspent 4-1, Republican congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn nearly defeated Walz this past November. The 50.3%-49.6% Hagedorn-Walz race was one of the closest in Minnesota history.

Jim Hagedorn takes time to visit our communities, listen to our concerns and openly shares his positions on any issue. Jim is smart, hard-working and much better reflects our southern Minnesota values than Democrat Walz. I look forward to endorsing Jim at the convention, and supporting him in next years election to the First Congressional District.

David P. Pieper

Caledonia, Minnesota