Be sure to follow us on Twitter

Dan McGonigle

General Manager/Managing Editor

We are excited to note the launch of our new and improved Twitter page.

If you don’t follow us on Twitter, now is a great time to begin.

We can be found @caledoniaargus.

Myself and our staff writer, Craig Moorhead will be periscoping community events, sporting events, government meetings and several other things.

It is yet another way to keep the community informed and up to date as it happens.

The technology is amazing. We simply press a few buttons on our cell phones and you can see live whatever it is we are streaming.

Our company has really embraced social media and we here at the Argus are following suit.

Several of my fellow journalists throughout the organization tweet just about everything about their day-to-day lives.

I don’t imagine Craig and I will start tweeting what we are having for lunch for that day, but you never know, we might.

Seems with the younger readers that is the thing to do. That and a never ending amount of selfies.

Now I will never bore the readers of our Twitter page with endless selfies, but I may from time to time, share tidbits about my personal life.

And whenver possible I will tweet and livestream the events that I cover on a week-to-week basis.

I hope you’ll take a moment to follow us on Twitter. And while you’re at it, be sure to like us on Facebook as well.

Let me know how I can make the service more to your liking. I value the feedback.

As has always been the case you can find us online at as well.

And ‘thank you’ to the ‘old school’ among you who just like the feeling of a newspaper in your hands. Without you, there wouldn’t be too much to tweet about in the first place.

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