Clarifying the Commissioners Report

To the Editor:

I never thought I would have a need to address a County Commissioner by way of letter to the editor. However, after reading commissioner Fred Arnold’s article in last week’s paper I don’t really have a choice but to correct Mr. Arnold’s comments for our citizens. Mr. Arnold implies that I was attempting to “slip” one by the “newbies” referring to him and two other new members to the board of commissioners.

He also implies that I was upset that I didn’t get what I wanted. That is an assumption made by Mr. Arnold. I was not upset with the board’s decision. What was frustrating was the need to repeatedly keep explaining the same information.

What Mr. Arnold neglected to tell the readers was that not only did the board of commissioners take two weeks to come to their decision, but I also had provided them, in advance, with pages of information and met with them individually on multiple occasions to answer their questions and address any concerns they had regarding my proposal.

Hardly trying to slip one by the newbies by most people’s standard commissioner Arnold! Your comments were unprofessional and reckless.

Mark A. Inglett

Houston County Sheriff