Letter writer: County board needs to revisit ordinance

To the Editor:

Is it time for a moratorium on rock mining? Bruening/Skyline is attempting to expand their non-permitted 40 Acre mine into 55.5. But to avoid the new county 40 A. limit they are “splitting” the operation. Going for a 40 A. legal permit now and a 15.5 A. permit later on. What’s the big deal, then?

Situated near Camp Winnebago on County 5 sits the Skyline 40 A. quarry, the 15.5 A. expansion parcel and, just above and touching all this is Gary Meiners’ 28.55 acres, the old Schutz active rock quarry as well. Combining the three parcels we are at 84.05 rock mining acres. The new county mining ordinance allows any number of rock quarries next to each other as long as they are no larger than 40 acres apiece. Theoretically the entire rock walls of Winnebago valley could come tumbling down; only takes cash to buy up the rock bearing properties.

The County Board needs to revisit the mining ordinance and establish rock quarry minimum separation distances between mines now. The pubic needs protections from mining over reach.

Bruce Kuehmichel

Caledonia, Minnesota