Argus stepping up its social media presence

By Daniel E. McGonigle

General Manager

The Caledonia Argus

We’ve always had a Twitter handle. It’s @caledoniaargus.

At various points in the company’s history, we’ve been sometimes better, sometimes worse about updating the account.

That’s about to change.

Followers of our Twitter account can expect to see us Periscoping and doing other things to keep readers updated via social media.

Craig Moorhead has started to use the account to live stream the county board meetings.

Our bosses, and others in the industry, have said this would be the most watched item on our Twitter account.

So far, the numbers have born that out.

Daniel McGonigle has started to live stream portions of the boys and girls basketball games.

Usually about five minutes’ worth of playing time in length, McGonigle has taken video about three or four times per game.

“Viewers have really responded to this as well,” McGonigle noted.

Upcoming, McGonigle is working with the Caledonia school board, and Caledonia city council. The paper thinks it will also live stream Planning Commission meetings.

“As pressure from our political leaders on the national stage try to chip away at the media’s credibility, we feel this is an important part of the process in keeping our elected officials honest,” McGonigle said. “Readers, viewers and followers can all see a first-hand live stream account of what we are covering and seeing at a meeting.”

And the paper’s editorial staff won’t be using the function for just government meetings.

“I’ve already said we’ve been doing some things with our sports coverage, and we’ll be doing more within other things we cover, such as the balloon rally, parades, city celebrations, and possibly other school functions,” McGonigle said. “It’s the way things are done in today’s society. We’re excited to have the medium to share with our readers.”

If you’d like to follow the Argus on Twitter you can find them at @caledoniaargus.