Public Record for March 15, 2017

The following non-confidential traffic and criminal cases were  compiled from reports released from the court administrator’s office February 23 to March 2, 2017. Ages are given at time of offense.


Autumn Marie Chandler, 29, La Crescent, Minn., speeding, fined $115.

Derek James Foellmi, 31, Hokah, Minn., driving after revocation, fined $275.

Jesse Lynn Hoff, 39, Almena, Wis., driving after suspension, fined $275.

Suzanne Katherine Kittleson, 36, Caledonia, Minn., speeding, fined $115.

Katelyn Eileen Klug, 33, Minnetonka, Minn., speeding, fined $115.

Joshua Paul Knoll, 25, Sparta, Wis., speeding, fined $215.

David Alan Meiners, 57, Eitzen, Minn., seat belt required, fined $100.

Paul Einer Nielsen, 52, Brownsville, Minn., DWI, local confinement 180 days, stay 179 days, credit for time served 1 day, fined $1,000, probation.

Norma Grace Overby, 79, La Crosse, Wis., speeding, fined $125.

Rebecca Louise Rosas, 47, failure to stop at stop signs or stop lanes, fined $40, driving without a valid license, fined $125.

Jared David Tainter, 20, Houston, Minn., speeding, fined $115.


Gregg Laurence Allen, 56, La Crescent, Minn., speeding, fined $215.

Lori Ann Francis, 45, Houston, Minn., sale of tobacco to children under 18 years old, first offense, fined $175, probation.

Alan Chales Mauss, 65, Caledonia, Minn., open bottle, fined $175.

Dane McCormick, 16, La Crescent, Minn., speeding, fined $75, 8 hours community work service.

Casandra Rae Miedema, 30, Hokah, Minn., must carry proof of insurance when operating vehicle, fined $275.

Christopher Nicholas Senn, 50, Tomah, Wis., possession of not small amount marijuana, 5th degree, fined $300, probation.

Alysa Mercedes Sprester, 24, Winona, Minn., possession of drug paraphenalia, fined $125.

Destiny Rae Stark, 19, Lansing, Iowa, proof of insurance required, speeding, fined, $250.


Kelsey Kaye Draisey, 29, Caledonia, Minn., use of wireless device with vehicle in motion, fined $125.

Mark A Figueroa, 28, Spring Grove, Minn., driving without valid license, multiple licenses prohibited, fined $175.

Brian Michael Goetzinger, 39, Caledonia, Minn., three counts overtime parking.

Kristi Anne Hannam, 28, Caledonia, Minn., theft, take use/ transfer movable property, no consent, 30 days local confinement, fined $75.

Bradley David Larsen, 30, Dover, Minn., expired registration, fined $105.

Brandan Philip Tuck, 31, Caledonia, Minn., theft, take use/ transfer movable property, no consent, fined $178.


Kristi Anne Hannam, 28, Caledonia, Minn., give peace officer false name, birthdate, ID card, fined $75.


Kristi Anne Hannam, 28, Caledonia, Minn., controlled substance crime in the 5th degree, local confinement 365 days, stay 326 days for 2 years, credit for time served 39 days, probation, fined $75, 40 hours community work service.

Judy Ann Lorenz, 68, Onalaska, Wis., careless driving, probation, 16 hours community work service, fined $500.

Brian Lambert Schrandt, 57, La Crescent, MN., make emergency call, police/fire/medical/ambulance, no emergency, probation, fined $175.


Elijah Alan Heberlein, 24, Caledonia, Minn., winter parking violation, fined $22.

Casey Muncell Jefferson, 44, Spring Grove, Minn., winter parking violation, fined $22.

Corina Evelyn Jefferson, 44, Spring Grove, Minn., vehicle parked longer than 72 hours, fined $32.

David Paul Kleppe, 48, La Crosse, Wis.,  winter parking violation, fined $22.

Floyd J. Storey, 75, Coon Valley, Wis., speeding, fined $115.


Ryan Michael Oian, 33, Rushford, Minn., state waters, work affects public waters, fail to obtain and mail statements, fined $150, probation.