Letter writer finds press release “misleading”

To the Editor:

This is in regards to the article on page 14 of the March 29th Argus titled “DNR proposes slight fee increase.” There is no byline so I do not know to whom to attribute this very misleading, in my opinion, article. The adjectives used: slight increase, modest fee. And the comparisons made: cost of a bag of cooler ice, less than the cost of a few gallons of gas and the cost of a block of ski wax, would lead a reader to the conclusion that the fee increases are not significant. But when compared to the current fees will be a considerable increase. Current ATV renewal is $15/yr. add $5 you get a 33% increase. Snowmobile currently $25/yr. add $10 you get a 40% increase. Current boat maximum renewal $30/yr. add $15 for a 50% increase. Park pass currently $25/yr. add $5 for a 25% increase and the Cross Country ski pass currently $20/yr. add $5 for a 25% increase. If this were groceries being discussed a 20% to 50% increase would not be slight or even a modest increase but considerable. Please note that I have made the cost of the machine renewals by the year to make an accurate comparison as they are renewed for three years at a time.    

When I read a paper I am looking for the facts and not to be misled by the author. Just think how better informed we all would be if our papers would just report the facts and let us make up our own minds instead of trying to sway our thinking.

Jerry Lennartz

Brownsville, MN