The upper Midwest is in unrest

To the Editor:

When at work for years, I never paid much attention to politics. Now being retired it has become more important.

It seems like all politicians go to arrogant school before they take office. It’s I, I, I. What happened to looking out for those who elected them? We are sick and tired of all of them (Republicans and Democrats alike) sitting in D.C. waving the American flag and crapping on we the people.

They don’t care about the problems of the middle class at all. They sit in their offices waiting for the next lobbyist to come offer them under the table money and get their bill passed. If this isn’t going on, why would they spend $8 to $10 million dollars to get elected to a job that pays $180,000 a year? However, if they stay there for 50 years, maybe it will pay.

We need term limits, but how will we ever get a bill like this passed when the politicians are the ones who vote on it? I don’t think our founding fathers figured that a senate seat was a lifetime job.

Besides crooked politicians, another huge problem in this country is called “greed.” When one percent of our population has 98% of the wealth, we are in for terrible times. The almighty dollar is how people are judged in our society today.

I can remember the time when a solid handshake meant more than any document of twenty pages in triple cut today. Yes, times are changing but I’m not sure if they are for the better.

Gary Conway

Caledonia, Minn.