Public Record for April 12, 2017

The following non-confidential traffic and criminal cases were  compiled from reports released from the court administrator’s office March 30 through April 6, 2017. Ages are given at time of offense.


Leland Charles Buxengard, 66, Rollingstone, Minn., speeding, fined $135.

Judy Katherine Coursolle, 51, Shakopee, Minn., speeding, fined $115.

Alexandria Nichole Graaff, 23, La Crosse, Wis., speeding, fined $115.

Lynn Michael Haakenstad, 60, Canton, Minn., seat belt required, fined $100.

Aric Joseph Honsey, 27, Lanesboro, Minn., speeding, fined $115.

Paul Lee Hutschenreuter, 28, Caledonia, Minn., no Minnesota driver’s licence, fined $175.

Stacie Ann Klug, 39, Caledonia, Minn., speeding, fined $125.

Sylwester Marcinkowski, 97, Port St. Lucie, Fla., speeding, fined $115.

Jed Donald McLimans, 19, New Albin, Iowa, failure to stop at stop signs or stop lines, fined $125.

Valerie Anne Meyer, 20, New Albin. Iowa, speeding, fined $135.

Tamara Renea Monk, 37, Decorah, Iowa, speeding, fined $125.

Ricky Lee Morem, 60, Harmony, Minn., seat belt required, fined $100.

Amy Marie Peterson, 38, New Albin, Iowa, speeding, fined $135.

Linda Jean Sneller, 61, Decorah, Iowa, speeding, fined $115.

Antonio Charles Toledo, 18, La Crosse, Wis., seat belt required, fined $100.

Jamie Lea VonArx, 38, La Crescent, Minn., speeding, fined $125.



Brandon James Becker, 23, Hokah, Minn., fifth degree possession not small amount marijuana, probation, stay of adjudication.

Derek James Foellmi, 31, Brownsville, Minn., domestic assault, probation, fined $275.

Nicholas Peter Fuchsel, 31, Rochester, Minn., DWI, amended court decision, four days sentence to serve imposed.

Chad James Kneeland, 35, Anoka, Minn., first degree manufacture methamphetimine, 86 months Minn. correctional facility/ stay for 15 years, 12 months local confinement, 500 hours community service, 15 years supervised probation, fined $75.

Tammy Lynn Ladsten, 48, Spring Grove, Minn., fail to stop for school bus, fined $375, probation.

Katelyn Marie Larson 21, Mantorville, Minn., speeding, fined $145.

Mark Kevin Link, 53, Caledonia, Minn., speeding, fined $135.

Jacob Michael Loveless, 34, Houston, Minn., disorderly conduct, 30 days local confinement, fined $75.

Heather Marie Shimshak, 18, La Crescent, Minn., speeding, fined $215.

Jeffrey Allan Gerdes, 36, Houston, Minn., careless driving, probation, fined $400.


Macuixtle Librado Acahua, 27, Hokah, Minn., driving after revocation, fined $275, display cancelled/revoked plates, fined $300.

Fernanda Oliveria Colleran, 36, Caledonia, Minn., fourth degree DUI, fined $400, probation.

Jacob Allen Reinhart, 27, Brownsville, Minn., speeding, fined $125.


Jacob Michael Loveless, 34, Houston, Minn., damage to property, 34 days local confinement, probation, fined $75.


Ron Howard Balfany, 35, Dakota, Minn., fourth degree DUI, amended court decision, 2 days local confinement, probation, fined $224.

Nicholas Peter Fuchsel, 33, Rochester, Minn., second degree DUI, 30 days local confinement, probation, fined $605, four days sentence to service.

Beau Patrick Wanner, 29, Owatonna, Minn., second degree DUI, 60 days local confinement, probation, fined $405.


Michael Robert McCoy, 56, West Des Moines, Iowa, speeding, fined $115.

William Corbin Schempp, 75, Decorah, Iowa, speeding, fined $115.

Robert Allen Thomas, 65, Decorah, Iowa, speeding, fined $115.

Connor Ray Whalen, 21, Decorah, Iowa, speeding, fined $115.


Kristina Ann Sherbon and Brent Lee Sherbon.

Renee Marie Pierce and Jesse Jason Pierce.

Gordon Jeremiah Betts and Octobra Lyn Betts.